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Dr. Casperson discusses what changes happen in the urinary tract during menopause and how vaginal estrogen can help reverse those changes (11/17/2017)


Dr Reznicek talks about ways to increase your testosterone without medications. (11/8/17)


Dr Kelly Casperson talks about options for people with overactive bladder (OAB). (11/1/17)


Dr Daniel Reznicek discusses what is a ureteroscopy and what to expect from surgery. (10/12/2017)


Dr. Reznicek explains what a PCNL means and what to expect from surgery (10/25/17)


Dr. Casperson discusses the urinary tract changes that occur during pregnancy. 10/12/2017


Dr. Reznicek discusses the definition of erectile dysfunction, potential causes and risk factors, and what treatments are available for men. 10/2/2017

Dr. Casperson discusses the definition of recurrent UTIs and management 9/21/2017


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